The best hostel in Oslo

25 Jun 2023 | Accommodation

When traveling on a budget, usually the biggest concern is cost of accommodation. While looking for something cheap, you also want to be sure the standard is good and comfortable. Let us show you why K7 Hotel is the best hostel alternative in Oslo.

Exploring Oslo on a budget

Overview of Jernbanetorget - the transportation hub of Oslo.
Overview of Jernbanetorget – the transportation hub of Oslo.

Oslo is a beautiful city with a rich history and a good mix of old and modern architecture. A lot of the sights worth seeing are easily reachable from the city center, usually by walking. If walking is too far then the city has an enormous network of public transportation, so you can go by bus, train, tram, subway, ferry, scooters, taxis, uber, bolt, you name it they have it. Most sights outside of the city core are usually maximum 15 minutes away by any means of transportation.

Finding the perfect accommodation in Oslo

When searching for accommodation in Oslo, there are various methods to find availability and compare prices. Budget travelers often rely on websites that compare prices across different hostels and hotels. However, you should also make sure to visit the webpage for the specific hotel or hostel you’re looking at. You might be surprised. Sometimes it might even be cheaper. We at K7 Hotel Oslo try to be as transparent as possible and we encourage you to check for prices at our home page

K7 Hotel Oslo’s unique “Dorms”

An overview of the dorm rooms at K7 Hotel Oslo with several bunk beds.

Compared to many other European cities, Oslo does not have that many hostels or alternatives for backpackers. And the standard of the rooms and services varies a lot. This is one of the reasons why K7 Hotel Oslo has introduced it’s own alternative to a hostel.

If you stay in a dorm at K7 Hotel Oslo you will get your own kit with sheets and towels.

We simply call it “Dorms“. It’s literally the same as a hostel, where some of our bigger rooms have been converted to dorms, with multiple bunk beds and lockers.

Amenities and services for dorm guests

Overview of the kitchen at K7 Hotel Oslo
Overview of the kitchen at K7 Hotel Oslo. Photo by: Montage

All dorm guests have access to a guest kitchen and laundry room on the second floor. Access to start the washing machine and dryer can be bought from the reception. Our guests are also more than welcome to visit the lobby to relax, grab a bite, do some work or plan their activities for their Oslo trip.

A woman working on her laptop and drinking coffee in the relaxing lobby lounge inside K7 Hotel Oslo.

Wether you’re a digital nomad that needs to work on a project on your workation, or you and your travel buddies need to plan where to go sightseeing, K7 Hotel Oslo has the right space for you.

Experience the best and most central hostel alternative

So, instead of booking a normal hostel, why not go for a bunk bed in one of our dorms and enjoy the experience of staying at a centrally located hotel? The hotel is right in the middle of “Kvadraturen” which is just around the corner of the parliament (Stortinget) and Oslo City Hall.

The receptionist at K7 Hotel Oslo handing a guest a key card for a hotel room.

We welcome you to K7 Hotel Oslo, a modern and centrally located hotel and hostel downtown in Oslo, the capital city of Norway. Click here to book your stay now.

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