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12 May 2023 | Budget travels

Want to experience Oslo without spending a lot of money? Take a look at the best free Oslo attractions and tips here!

Cultural attractions in Oslo that are free

Experience amazing history in Oslo or enjoy beautiful art works for free. Here are three museums that you can go to:

Overview of the Oslo City Hall
Overview of the Oslo City Hall. Photo by: Chunyip Wong
  1. Oslo City Hall
    The Oslo City Hall is usually open between 9 AM and 4 PM, except on special occasions, and admission is free. Here, you can see traditional Norwegian art and read about Norwegian history. The building dates back to 1950. Every hour, the carillon will play a new song. Maybe you’ll even recognize one of the songs? The City Hall is located close to the famous Aker Brygge.
  2. The Akerhus Festning
    Learn about important parts of Oslo’s history at the Akershus Fortress, located near the popular harbor in the city center. The fortress is surrounded by green areas and a breathtaking view of the Oslofjord. Go check out this historical arena by yourself, or join a guided tour to learn more about its history. 
  3. The Labour Museum
    When visiting the picturesque Sagene, a popular part of Oslo, you should stop by the Labour Museum (Arbeidermuseet) to get to know Oslo as it was during the industrialization. Admission is free on Thursdays.

Hiking in Oslo

Oslo is famous for its urban life and its close proximity to the forest and peace. Here, you get the best of both worlds.

View of the Aker River (Akerselva)
View of the Aker River (Akerselva) Photo by: Øyvind Holmstad
  1. Hike along Akerselva (the river)
    Start in Nydalen and follow the river all the way down to the city center for a beautiful walk. In the summer, you can enjoy a cold bath in the river pool in Nydalen. 
  2. Hike to Grefsenkollen
    Get an awesome view of the city from the top of Grefsenkollen. Bring your own lunch like a true Norwegian, or book a table at the Grefsenkollen restaurant. You can drive all the way to the top, or you can walk if you’re up for a hike. The reward at the top is amazing. 
  3. Hike from Frognerseteren to Ullevålseter to Sognsvann
    If you’re up for a two-hour hike, you can go from Frognerseteren to Ullevålseter to Sognsvann. This is quite an easy and family-friendly hike. Stop at Ullevålseter for some waffles and coffee, and continue on to Sognsvann. In the winter, this is a really popular route for cross-country skiing.

Beaches in Oslo

In the summer, it tends to be a bit warm in the city center, so you may want to look for a place to cool off. No worries, Norwegians love to go for a swim!

People swimming at Sørenga
People swimming at Sørenga. Photo by: Adina Raul
  1. Sørenga Seawater Pool
    Enjoy a day in the sun by the pool which is made up of creative architecture and water from the Oslofjord. The pool is located right next to one of the most recent and modern neighborhoods in Oslo. Here, you enjoy a meal, a drink, go shopping or just relax.
  2. Hovedøya
    Well, this one is not completely free, since you have to go there by boat. Download the Ruter app, and buy a ticket to Hovedøya. Take the boat from Aker Brygge. Enjoy a nice and relaxing day in the Oslofjord. We recommend bringing drinks and food that will last for a few hours. Don’t forget your swimwear!
  3. Sognsvann
    This one we already talked about, but Sognsvann is a really great place to go for a swim. Want to get your activity levels up? Go for a nice 20-minute hike around the water.

Stay in the heart of Oslo

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